Larson Vineyard

Ken Larson’s Mi Dulce Corazon Vineyard is a plot of 7.5 acres of Pinot Noir on the Sonoma side of Carneros. Cool maritime airflow makes for even ripening of the finicky Pinot Noir grapes, and when paired with well-drained sandy soil, the fruit from Ken Larson’s vineyard is deep and flavorful.

Grower Ken Larson 2014

Grower: Ken Larson
Elevation: 14 feet
Soil Type: Sandy Loam
Appellation: Carneros
Varietals: Pinot Noir
Year Planted: 1999

Organic/Sustainable: Sustainable, not certified
Clones: 115 & 667
Rootstock: 125AA
Vine Training: Trellis & Cordon
Pruning System: Bilateral Cordon
Irrigation Type: Drip irrigation

Average Crop Yield in Tons/Acre: 3-4 T/acre