Welcome to our Blog & our new website!

It has taken us a few months to finish a complete overhaul and get a new website, but it is finally completed and we are really excited about it! Why a new website, you might be thinking? Well, our old website looked out-of-date and was technologically out-of-date – making it difficult to maintain and keep current. The other (perhaps most important) reason was that it lacked an e-commerce site, aka an online shop. There aren’t too many winery websites out there without an online shop these days!

For those of you who loyally visited our old website, you know that we had a pdf order form you could down load and print out. Maybe you filled it out, and faxed it to us, or mailed it to us via the pony express. Many of you just called or e-mailed your wine wants and didn’t bother with the form at all, because those were the quickest options. Well, now you have another option to get your hands on Carol’s joy juice, although we do enjoy hearing from you! We also wanted to make it more convenient for our Club members to update their information.

Even if you don’t call us any more, you can keep up with Carol on this new blog, as well as following us on Facebook, Twitter(@WildThingZin) & Instagram(@carolsheltonwines). On any given day you can see what’s happening at the winery, in the tasting room or out in the vineyard. One noticeable addition to our site is that most of the photographs are taken by Carol, so you get a true look into Carol’s experiences as a winemaker. www.carolshelton.com is now a great resource for information about Carol, the vineyards she sources and the wines she makes.

Our hope is that visiting our website is like visiting the winery and meeting Carol in person. Please go take a look and tell us what you think!