Cox Vineyard

Cox Vineyard, planted in 1956, is located in Mendocino County north of Ukiah. These old vines grow on gentle hills in rocky soils. During the long, hot growing season, drip irrigation is sparingly used to maintain vine health. The soil and temperature stress the vines just enough to produce rich jammy-peppery flavored zinfandel grapes.

Zinfandel for Wild Thing Zin and Carignane for Rendezvous Rosé come from the Cox Vineyard. The indigenous yeasts found the Zinfandel grapes in the vineyard allow Carol to use a wild yeast fermentation, which led to the naming of Wild Thing Zin.

In 2002, Cox Vineyard passed the rigorous CCOF standards for organically grown.

DEV_Grower Jack Cox Harvest 2011

Grower: The Jack Cox family: Chuck & Kerri Vau
Elevation: 700 - 2,000 feet; Zinfandel is at 900 feet
Soil Type: Rocky Clay and Red Volcanic Soils
Appellation: Mendocino County
Varietals: Zinfandel, Carignane, Petite Sirah
Year Planted: Zinfandel (1968); Carignane (1920); Petite Sirah (2011)

Organic/Sustainable: CCOF
Clones: Zinfandel is a mix of unknown clones plus some Costa Magna, Carigane is unknown.
Rootstock: St. George
Vine Training: All head trained except the Petite Sirah which is trellis
Pruning System: Zinfandel & Carignane are spur pruned; Petite Sirah is VSP Cordon
Irrigation Type: Drip irrigation

Average Crop Yield in Tons/Acre: Petite Sirah (3 T/acre); Zinfandel (4 T/acre); Carignane (4-5 T/acre)