Damiano Vineyard

Nestled in the Sierra Foothills town of Auburn, Damiano Vineyard is a father and son farming operation. The three and half acres of Viognier are some of the first fruit to come into the winery at harvest. The heat and higher elevation of the Sierra Foothills produces a tropical and floral viognier with plenty of depth and complexity.

Damiano growers

Grower: John and Joe Damiano
Elevation: 750 feet
Soil Type: Auburn & Sobrante Series mix
Appellation: Sierra Foothills
Varietals: Viognier
Year Planted: Between 1992 & 2008
Acres Planted: 5 total acres, 3.5 planted to Viognier

Clones: Hawley Clone & 642
Rootstock: 3309
Vine Training: Bi-lateral Cordon
Pruning System: Cane & Cordon
Irrigation Type: Drip irrigation

Average Crop Yield in Tons/Acre: 4-5 T/acre