Nevarez Vineyard

Juan Nevarez is a labor contractor in Paso Robles, and the Nevarez Vineyard is his home ranch and his pride & joy. The 75 acre vineyard is on the eastern bench above the Salinas River. It lies along the western edge of the Estrella Bench between San Miguel and Paso Robles. The landscape is gently sloped, allowing for some cooler airflow to get the temperature below 70 degrees at night. Some sections of the vineyard are over a hundred years old, but Juan budded over to his white Rhone varietals in 1992.

Juan Nevarez grower

Grower: Juan Nevarez
Elevation: 120 feet
Soil Type: Sandy Loam
Appellation: Paso Robles
Varietals: Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Viognier, Marsanne
Year Planted: Early 20th century, budded over in 1992

Organic/Sustainable: No
Clones: Tablas Creek
Rootstock: 5BB; soon will be planted to 1103P
Vine Training: Cordon
Pruning System: Cane and cordon
Irrigation Type: Drip irrigation
Last Watered: a week before pick
Average Crop Yield in Tons/Acre: 3.5 T/acre