Piazza Vineyard

Charlie Piazza’s vineyard is a meticulously farmed 80 acres in the heart of Lodi. His vines are all head-trained old vines Zinfandel that produce vibrant, concentrated fruit that makes a wine full of pizazz.

Piazza Family

Grower: Charlie Piazza
Elevation: 50 feet
Soil Type: Hanford Sandy Loam
Appellation: Lodi
Varietals: infandel
Year Planted: 1973

Organic/Sustainable: Sustainable, uncertified

Rootstock: St. George
Vine Training: Head-trained
Pruning System: Cane Pruned
Irrigation Type: Drip irrigation
Last Watered: 8/10/15
Average Crop Yield in Tons/Acre: 3.5 T/acre